Journal of the Institute for Christian Leadership

Statement of Purpose & Guidelines for Submitting Articles
As a journal for faculty people in Christian higher education, Faculty Dialogue provides an avenue for exchange of insights, experiences, and encouragement. The mission of the Christian college and university is to be the unique focus, and the source of the majority of articles are the faculty themselves and other scholars with pertinent views regarding higher education.
Access to the journal is intended to encourage a significant increase in the reflective and critical dialogue on the intentions and accomplishments of Christian higher education institutions. Manuscripts are encouraged which address issues and choices relevant to facing real world problems from the Christian biblical perspective. (Manuscripts pertinent to specific scholarly disciplines should be directed by their authors to appropriate publications). Faculty Dialogue is national in scope. Its pages are open to Christian faculty in all higher education institutions.
Some issues of the journal are topical or thematic with most of the articles related to a selected theme--usually a controversy, problem, or issue within Christian higher education. Other issues are eclectic in nature and broadly representative of concerns and issues. The journal welcomes "letters to the editor" in response to material presented in the prior issue. Your contribution is invited. Unsolicited articles will be considered by the editorial staff and advisors. Accepted articles may be held until an appropriate group is collected for a thematic issue of the journal.
The journal remains open to one further type of article: experiential narratives dealing with the processes through which faculty people have gained significant insights. Whereas most scholarly journals give little if any opportunity to share highly subjective material, Faculty Dialogue opens the door a crack to that vast lore which usually gets shared no further than the late- night chat with one's closest colleagues.
Manuscripts are to be accompanied by abstracts stating the writer's (1) thesis/premise, (2) vantage point, and (3) defense, support or rationale. In short, Faculty Dialogue's editors encourage a conclusion which speaks to the paper's import or 'So What?' implication for Christian higher education.

Manuscripts should be no longer than 20 double-spaced pages (excluding bibliography) and follow the accepted style manual for the author's respective discipline. Submissions must also include an abstract--both are preferred on either size, high-density DOS floppy diskette (not Macintosh), indicating the word processing format used, and accompanied by one hard copy of the article and the abstract They can also be aFTP'd to iclnet93.iclnet.org. Manuscripts submitted only in a written form, though not preferred, are also acceptable. Manuscripts should be submitted to Judy Frandsen, Technical Editor, Faculty Dialogue, Institute for Christian Leadership, 12753 SW 68th Avenue #299, Tigard, OR 97223-8323 503.598.7889; fax-598.7884; Internet-journal@iclnet93.iclnet.org.
Authors will be notified when their manuscript has been received by ICL. Formal acceptance or rejection of articles will be determined within approximately 90 days from the date of receipt of the manuscript. Because of the nature of our publication schedule, we may not always be able to inform authors far in advance as to the issue in which their article will be published. Authors who wish to submit manuscripts to other publications prior to being published in Faculty Dialogue should notify ICL so the integrity of their publication rights is maintained. However, manuscripts submitted for the Ted Ward and Howard Vollum Writing Awards must first be published in Faculty Dialogue.