Leadership Forum Guidelines

  1. The Leadership Forum is dedicated to the discussion of practical Christian leadership issues. It is a forum to:
    • discuss topics relevant to Christain Leadership
    • exchange practical ideas on how to be better leaders
    • discuss available resources (including conference, position openings, seminars, books, etc.)
    • problem solve
    • givie and receive leadership advice from others

  2. The Leadership Forum is not a forum for:
    • debating controversial doctrinal issues (e.g.: the role of women in leadership, creation vs. evolution, etc.) or general theology. Other lists are available to provide discussions concerning these issues.

  3. Please remember that when you send a message or reply to the Leadership Forum, it is being sent to HUNDREDS of people. So short messages like, "I agree!", "Amen", etc are not appropriate. Also, reply via private e-mail unless you are certain that the entire list would benefit from your reply.

  4. Please give a descriptive SUBJECT line.

  5. Pause before sending a message and ask God if He would send it. Is there anything in your message that a person could take as an attack? Remember that we need to discuss issues in a loving spirit...if you just send a message without love, it could be like "a loud clashing cymbal." Flaming (barbed comments or put downs) will not be tolerated.

  6. If the topics being discussed (threads) do not interest you or are not addressing your needs, please feel free to start a thread. Mailing lists are only as good as the people who participate in them, so feel free to contribute!


These guidelines, when followed, can help make this Forum a tremendous service to Christian Leaders. It will also help keep the e-mail traffic to a minimum. It will also be cheaper for our America OnLine, CompuServe, and other commercial services subscribers since they often have to pay to read/send e-mail.
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