Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/logos

..                       Parent directory
INDEX.html               Alternate index format
animals/                 logos featuring a mascot
linlogo.bmp.gz           bmp of another linux logo
linus.README     linux graphic in a metafont format
linux-95/                possible Linux 95 logos
linux-symposium.gif      ad for the Linux Symposium in Amsterdam (1994)
linux_inside.tgz         linux inside logo
linuxlg3.gif             the brick linux logo
linuxlg3.lsm                        another linux logo (PostScript)
lnxlogo.pcx.gz           A proposed logo for Linux
logo-0.02.tar.z          The logo being used by the DOC project (a seagull one)
logo2u.tar.z             Linux logo (seagull) for LaTeX                      variety of Linux 1.0 postage stamps
pictures/                digitized photographs
raytraced/               high quality raytraced logos               Proposed design for t-shirts
xterm-linux.tar.gz       xterm-linux icon
ya-logo.gif              yet another logo

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