PROP the Origami detective (part 1)

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Once there was a girl. Her name is not known anymore. She was devoted to Origami and always had a package of Origami paper with her (15 x 15 cm).

Her motto was: 'Powerfull and Redoubtable with Origami Paper'. Shortly PROP and that was what she called herself.

She wanted to join the police as a detective and so be able to practise her motto.

To join the police she had to go through some tests.

When she went to the first test she had to face a big (?) problem: she was too small. She was 1.79 m in length and the limit was at 1.80 m.

She had heard they would measure her with her shoes on. High heels didn't help because the tester would have a look at these to check if they weren't too high.

But then she realized how to pass this test. She took a sheet of Origami paper and ...

Well, how did she manage? Try and solve this puzzle.
Next month (maybe some later) I'll give my solution. And also give the next part of this story.