PROP the Origami detective (part 2)

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The next test faced her with another type of problem.

The police building where she would live was at least 10 stories high. And she would be at the 10th story.

The tester took her outside the building on the surrounding sports fields and handed her a rope with a noose and said:

Imagine, you are in your room up at the 10th story and a fire strikes. There is a hook just underneath the window, you attach the loop to that hook and put the rope out of the window.
You climb down the rope and stand on the ground. But when the fire is over you have to climb up the rope again.
The question is: is this rope long enough.

She had no measuring stick and didn't know how high the 10th story was. And well, she had to know the difference in length/height accurate within a meter. That was enough: if the rope was a bit short, she could jump to get the end.

It was not long before she realized how to pass this test. She took a sheet of Origami paper and ...

Well, how did she manage? Try and solve this puzzle.
Next month (maybe some later) I'll give my solution. And also give the next part of this story.