PROP the Origami detective (part 3)

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... She took a sheet of Origami paper and ...

wrote the message on it, crumpled it into a ball and threw that to her colleague.

And in fact that was what her name came from.
The word prop in Dutch means in English:

And indeed she was short and corpulent.

This ball solution was sent in by Roberto Morassi.

Ria (Sutter?) and David Whitbeck sent in another solution. These denoted the message also on the paper, but folded an airplane.

David Whitbeck wrote:
she folds a paper airplane, but then she folds a series of valley and mountain folds on the wings like binary, valley=0 mountain=1. Given distances between the folds it can be read as morse code which the person on the other side of the room figures out, or the more jacked up answer: he decodes as ansi. She also folds pockets for the wing which she opens up to make it obvious to use the top side and not the other side which would have the wrong message!
Now for the really jacked up answer: the binary is machine code which he mentally compiles (you didn't say that no one is a genius) and notes that it prints the message.

Well, when you are in a hurry that will not work ...