PROP the Origami detective (part 4)

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... She took a sheet of Origami paper and ...

folded a Chines Hat.

I learned that when I was about 8 years old from the Dutch translation of 'The Art of Chines Paper Folding' by Mrs. Maying Soong. The original English version dates from 1948.

As far as I know the model is traditional Chinese. But the Japanese Samurai Helmet is folded about the same way.

Scot Cramer wrote:

Did the thief steal an antique Samurai Helmet? Thank God it wasn't a Tyrannosaurus skeleton!

David Whitbeck wrote:

Anyhow, she uses the instructions to fold a samurai helmet. She then realized that the hideout where the stashed the goods was at the Seven Samurai Restaurant. When they arrived the conveniently saw an abandoned warehouse right by the restaurant.
ps yes I know that sounds corny but I'm having fun!

David also wonders why so few responses came in last time. Well this time I had again 4 responses.
I don't know why ... But you all have a chance to come and guess ...